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Indulge your passengers while flying, ”Expert Catering” will offer you worldwide flavors.
vıp Catering servıCE
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About Our Caterıng

Expert Catering is an organization which has been put into service with the purpose and desire to assume the leadership of, to support and share its experiences in the development required by the Airline sector in terms of catering services.

In our own kitchen we prepare fresh food (hot & cold) daily and completely based on your needs and requirements.

Interested in what we can do for you? Please contact us for more information, a tour or meal presentation

Innovatıve caterıng

Expert Catering end up with the right passengers every day via one of the most sophisticated catering systems in the industry. Innovation is our greatest asset.


Airline companies have to adapt ever faster to the changing needs of their customers. Passengers require ever higher demands on quality and freedom of choice.