About US

Expert Catering was established in 2003 in the Netherland. We provide passengers with a superior culinary, traditional and world kitchen with qualified ed team. Our Headquartered in Netherland and delivers operational excellence through the most extensive catering network in the aviation industry, serving for Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Sunexpress, MNG Cargo, Airbridge Cargo and Silkway.

Expert Catering work together with customers, share information and learn from one another. This culture drives us to push the boundaries of our industry and excite our customers with our delivery and innovation. The unique styles, cultures and traditions of our global team creates a diverse work environment where we respect and celebrate individuality.

We do believe that if you understand your customer needs and provide it on time with quality and included some unique taste, there will be success.


General company ınfo

Country : The Netherlands

Time Zone (UTC+/-) : Amsterdam = UTC +1

Airport : Schiphol

Physical Address : Schiphol Airside C gate

Mailing Address : Lucellestraat 49, 1055 HW Amsterdam

Operational Tel : +31 (0)20 405 58 00 or +31 (0)6 15 36 13 01

Web page : www.expertcatering.net

Distance From Ramp : 0 (located on the ramp)

Unit inside the airport (Y/N) : Y

Operating Hours : 09:00 untill 19:00 hour + standby 24/7

Quality Management System : HACCP-based

Max. Meal Production Cap./day : 2.000 complete services

Flight Handled / day (average) : 6 (Turkish Airlines, Sunexpress, Pegasus Air, Onur Air, Silk Way, ABC – Air Bridge Cargo)

Kind of Meals : crewfood, sales on board and extra uplift

Number of small vans and trucks (refrig.&/ordinary) : 4 (3 vans and 1 high loader and option for extra lease)